The Creepo Project

The Creepo Project

This project is on-going and takes the form of a tumblr page called The Creepo Project. The idea for this project came in the Winter of 2014. I was on a run, making my way up a hill, when a person pulled up next to me in their windowless van. They leaned out of the driver’s window, gave me a nod, and slowly said the words “good job.” This wasn’t the first time someone had accosted me while running, or walking, or existing in a public space, or in any context. I started thinking about stories of a similar nature: ones I had heard primarily from women. I wanted to know more. I reached out to friends, family, and the world of Facebook and asked for creepy stories.

In my compilation process, I have come to realize that everyone’s definition of ‘creepy’ is unique in some way. One person might find a compliment ‘creepy’ while another might find it flattering. One person might find a stranger grabbing their ass ‘creepy’ and a loved one grabbing their ass not ‘creepy’. This led to the creation of I wanted to create a space for people to share their creepy interactions in hopes to more widely define creepy’, to put those differing concepts of ‘creepy’ next to each other and understand the motivations of why people consider something to be ‘creepy’. As someone in my MFA program put it:  the creepo project is an attempt to “creep on ‘creepy’.”

And the next part of the project is up to you. I need your stories to add to my creepy collections. And there are many ways to provide them! You can either post directly to the tumblr page using your own Tumblr account. If you don’t have tumblr account, you can still post but Tumblr requires you to fill in your name and e-mail address. Either of these options will not post immediately, but they will be sent to my queue for me to approve and they will be up shortly. If you would like to remain anonymous, send your experience to ‘’ and I will post it for you. The form of your post can be anything you like: words, pictures, videos, songs etc.

Thank you!

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