a dream of the street (Street Corner is always there for me)

My Creative Work, Video Poem

Check out this sweet video poem Laura Burgher and I made! We made it special for the TK Art of the City Street Fest (8/1/15). It was in a neat exhibit called Poems for the Street Corner, curated by Ted Hiebert and Kat Seidemann. The video poem is addressed to a combination of things: Detroit, dreams, the corner of 3rd Ave. & Prefontaine PL, Street Corner the franchise, and prostitution. Click on the poems for the street corner link to see the other cool videos that were in the exhibit.


Q is for Queer Underwater Dino Party

collage, My Creative Work

Q is for Queer Underwater Dino Party 2

This collage is titled Q is for Queer Underwater Dino Party. I made it for Laura Burgher for her birthday. I cut out images from various children’s books I found at Goodwill. I like the ballerina cow the best.