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Check out this interview my fellow Letter [r] Press editors and I did with Natalie Singer-Velush for the University of Washington Bothell – After the MFA blog. We discuss the beginnings of the press, what it was like to work on the press and journal while attending graduate school, our process of selecting work, what we plan for the future of the press, and more!11891496_10152955542708204_2607968640808689906_o
The editors and author: Sarah Baker, LB, Travis Sharp, Aimee Harrison, Terri Witek (the author of Letter [r] Press’ first chapbook “On Gavdos Ferry) and me (Tracy Jane Gregory)

Exercise 3 & 4 (from “Helene”) in A Bad Penny Review

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Bad Penny ReviewHello, friends!

Two of my self-guided exercises from my thesis Helene (“Exercise 3: Possessor-Possessee Relationship Flowchart” and “Exercise 4: Being Selective with the Proprietors of Your Will”) have been published in issue 7.1 of A Bad Penny Review. You can find them here and here.

To give a little background to these pieces, inĀ Helene, I created a fictional religion titled “Possessive Spiritualism,” in which humans can interact with spirits using their bodies as hosts. The titular character’s grandfather has died and she explores possession as a viable option for communicating with her grandfather’s spirit by reading literature created by Possessive Spiritualists. These exercises are pieces from this fictional literature.